Back Office Support Team

It is crucial to have a dedicated team to help the operations department with its myriad of tasks. A remote team can help monitor inventories, manage compliance protocol, perform data entry, assist with HR support, conduct research, and much more.

Our pool of talents possesses all the qualities and expertise you need to level up your services.

Take customer experience to the next level.

The back-office support team (carefully selected by you) can handle customer service issues which frees up valuable resources to focus on other pressing items.

Excellent HR Support

A remote team member can handle HR Administrative tasks like scheduling interviews for applicants, following up with candidates, payroll management, and sending out job contracts.

Competent Assistant for Administrative Tasks

Remote teams are a great way to handle administrative tasks, including data entry, appointment setting, and other duties.

Superb Inventory Management

Our remote agents can help you keep track of your inventory, so you always know what needs to be restocked. They can also monitor trends and help you decide what products to carry.​

Save Up To 75%

Our competitive pricing is around 75% cheaper than the cost of in-house support hires.

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Customer Support 

The Customer Support Team is responsible for managing various customer issues related to billing and collections, client inquiries, product support or inbound sales.

Virtual Bookkeeping

Take complete control of your business by getting regular cash flow updates. Your Bookkeeping Agents will provide you with regular reports—such as invoicing updates, cash flow reports, and even credit card usage monitoring.

IT Support Specialists

The information technology team is generally responsible for the development, design and implementation of new existing websites, softwares and mobile apps.

Business Development  

The Business Development Team is responsible in developing and implementing growth strategy focused on financial gain and customer satisfaction.