How to Manage Virtual Assistants? What You Need to Know!

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How To Manage Virtual Assistants

You’re suddenly responsible for leading a team of virtual assistants? It’s not just you. Numerous managers have been cut off from their teams because of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving them baffled about how to carry out their duties efficiently while being apart. But it is possible, and it begins with having a basic understanding of how to manage remote employees.

There is a proverb that reads, ““If you want to learn how to swim, jump into the water.” “

But what if you’re thrown into the water, and forced to swim? 

That is exactly how it feels right now for many of us.

Comparing it to managing employees on-site, it is really challenging.

You have to understand that this is a very different environment than when you were leading your team from the office . Even while you may still have the same management responsibilities, many of the methods you’ll need to use to properly manage your team will be different from the standard due to the difficulties that the current environment poses.

Thankfully there are ways to proactively combat the challenges that come with managing remote workers:

1. Daily Check-Ins

Even though you and your team might not be able to interact every day, you can and ought to still stay in touch. These check-ins may be made up of individual calls, group calls, or a mix of both. Daily check-ins are essential to ensuring that your team members are not just on task with their work but are also growing overall despite the difficulties. They can freely and openly consult with you on anything thanks to this connection whenever they need to.

2. Utilize Modes of Communication

Make sure your team members can easily call you in a variety of methods, while we’re on the subject of calls. Since many non-verbal messages are audio or visual in nature, as was already said, it is best to use video when speaking with your team. Calls, emails, and instant messaging are other options. However, while employing these additional, more constrained forms of communication, be sure your message and aim are clear. To communicate more effectively in informal chats, you can utilize a variety of expression tools, such as GIFs and emoticons.

3. Stay Supportive

More than ever, employees require the support and encouragement of their managers. It is essential for employees to continue to feel encouraged throughout these difficult times and in light of the significant changes to their regular working environment. Always ask them what aid you can provide, provide words of encouragement, and listen to their issues as you continue to offer support even from a distance. Don’t forget to inquire about their professional objectives as well, and keep assisting them in achieving those objectives.

Although it can be challenging, managing a remote workforce on short notice is possible. And it might even get simpler if you allow an organization like NimbleTalentz hire those remote team members on your behalf.

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